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Thrift Store

Thrift Store

Visit our Thrift Store 7 days a week. All members receive a 5% discount with each purchase.
Adopt Don

Adopt Don't Shop

Adoptions days are held at local Pet Smart locations. Come out & meet the dogs available for adoptions in our foster program. See more details for dates & time of our adoption days.
Low Cost Vaccinations!

Low Cost Vaccinations!

Keep your pet healthy! Visit our low cost vaccination clinics. See more details for dates & times.
Become a Foster

Become a Foster

Fostering an unwanted pet is like being an angel. If you have the time and space to provide a temporary loving home for either a puppy, an adult dog, kittens or a cat until permanent loving homes are found, then you qualify. Learn more...


Save. Alter, Adopt, Vaccinate, Educate. Since 1975 we have been serving Cherokee County to help S.A.V.E the unfortunate animals in need. Find out how you can help us continue to S.A.V.E.

How you can help?

Cherokee Humane Society Events

A great way to help is to attend our fundraisers. Come out & socialize with others, have fun while helping the animals.


Shop online –> Donate CCHS is a non-profit organization that relies on your tax-deductible donations as well as revenue produced from our Thrift


Shop online –> Memberships Help the CCHS help them! Become a member. All members receive 10% off all purchases made in our thrift store as well


We appreciate continued support from our sponsors!

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How your donations help

  • Spay & Neuter

    Your donations in the past has helped us spay/neuter a countless amount of animals. Every animal is spayed/neutered before they are made available for adoptions. S/ N Stats for Cats & Dogs. 2009 - 291, 2010 - 301, 2011 - 756, 2012 (thru August) 419
  • Medical Program

    With donations we have been able to help those with extended medical issues.
  • Vaccinate

    Every animal that comes into our foster programs receives all the vaccinations needed before they are available for adoption.


  • Thank you for my new additions to my furkid family. I adopted Romeo and Jolee this past Saturday and they are doing great! Such the love bugs and they are already used to having 2 doggies siblings.
    Romeo and Jolee,