Cherokee County Humane Society

Saving lives since 1975


Our Lead Foster Family

These are a few of the people who play a critial part in our rescue efforts. There are MANY people who make our day to day operations possible. It takes a village to care for one animal. We can't thank all of you enough! 

Ottis Moore

Ottis has been with CCHS since before there was such a thing. Irene and Ottis founded our organization. He is our lead mule and head dog wrangler. He retired from being our thrift store general manager in February 2016, but he is still very active in the animal side of our efforts. Ottis and his wife, Irene, are a crucial part of our family! 

Ann Perrett

Ann has been with the Humane Society for almost 7 years. She is the Head Feline Coordinator and also Thrift Store Staff, the Graphics & Social Media Lead, Paperwork Drill Sergeant as well as a liaison for both feline and canine. She oversees vetting and CCHS activities at all the Petsmarts and Petco's that house our felines for adoptions, and personally handles adoptions and takes care of the Petsmart in Canton where she lives with her husband, 3 kids, 2 cats, and 2 fish. 

Patty Duponte

Patty has been in rescue for decades. She not only loves dogs but cats as well and is a former foster. She currently oversees our Woodstock Petsmart Canine Adoptions as Ottis Adoption Counselor Lead for that location. On her off time she is busy going around north GA saving dogs and cats from sites like Craigslist and helping them find their forever home at one of our adoption events. She also often transports for us to and from the vet in Calhoun. 

Lee Ann Sarner

Lee Ann has been with CCHS for around 3 years. She started out as a foster momma for kitties who needed a place to call home before they were ready to be adopted but quickly stepped up her game and began helping run adoption sites. Her and her husband currently oversee the day to day operations at the the Petco on Barrett Parkway and in Acworth on Cobb Parkway as well as the Petsmart on Cobb Parkway. They are also the Lead Adoption Counselors at Barrett Parkway Petco every Saturday and Sunday. Lee Ann assists in the rescue office helping Ann with the paperwork and vet rotation. 

Sherry Thomas

Sherry has been with us for several year, fostering moms and pups in tandem with running the Petco Acworth canine adoptions. Sherry's team also helps the animals in her community by delivering food and supplies when it is needed, or taking in animals from hoarding cases and bad situations. She is the Western Team Canine Lead.

Jaime Franklin

Jaime has been with us for a couple years now and her love of animals and her family is astounding. Jaime, he daughter Libby, and their wonderful Pit Bull Mix fur-babies, Bog Boye and Coco, are always excited to bring orphaned puppies and other dogs into their home. show them true love, and help them find their place in this world. She is the lead for the Canton Petsmart dog adoptions as well as a Northern Team Lead Canine Foster. 
Lead Foster Roster
   A complete list of contact info can be found on petstablished. 
 Facebook Name
 Ann Perrett
 Ann Pontius Perrett
*Lead Cat/Dog Liasion
*Media/ Help 
*Vaccinations & Misc. 
*Vetting Apts.
*Petsmart Canton - Feline
*Spay/Neuter Voucher Program
*Thrift Store Staff
 Ottis Moore
*Dog Questions 
*Canine Fostering
*Woodstock Petsmart - Dog
 C. Oliver
 Bartholomew Oliver
*Bottle Babies
*Medicine Questions
*Fussy Kitty Questions
 Jaime Franklin
  Jaime Chs
*Dog Head Lead
*Canton Petsmart- Canine
*Canine Fostering
*Canine Medical
*Northern Canine Team Lead
  Mandie Brauer
  Mandie Brauer
*West Ga Spay and Neuter Questions.
*Paulding Pulls or transport questions.
*Feline Fostering
  Lee Ann Sarner
  Treasure Hunter
 *Assistant cat coordinator.
*Paperwork Assistant
*Feline Vet Run helper - AAC
*Petsmart Acworth - Feline
*Petco - Barrett and Acworth -  Feline
*Medical Questions
Patty Duponte
*Woodstock Petsmart Adoption Counselor for Canines
*Small dog foster
  Sherry Thomas
  Sherry Roycroft Thomas
*Canine Medical
*Western Canine Team Lead
*Acworth Petco - Canine
*Canine Fostering
*Canine Adoption Counselor