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About Us


Our Story

At 43 years of age, the Cherokee Humane Society is one of the oldest, active humane societies in Georgia. Our mission has always been to SAAVE – Save, Adopt, Alter, Vaccinate and Educate – through thousands of rescues from shelters, constant adoptions, low-cost spay/neuters, and programs to help the poor who own pets. In 2017, we saved, altered, adopted and vaccinated over 1,700 animals, but it was not always like that.

Over 40 years ago....

    In 1979, my wife and I moved to a very rural Cherokee County. The nearest animal hospital was many miles away and homeless, neglected animals were everywhere. The County’s animal shelter, a wooden shed, was not fit for storing tools. We were at a loss, when in front of an old grocery store, we met two elderly ladies having a bake sale, soliciting membership in CCHS, and fund raising for a new animal shelter.

A dream of better pet care in Cherokee County was born.

-Ottis & Irene Moore, Founders

Since that day:

  • CCHS funded and helped build the County’s first and second new shelters
  • In the 90’s, CCHS managed the shelter, which annually took in over 9000 animals
  • CCHS implemented the first mandatory vaccination program for every animal surrendered at the shelter
  • CCHS pioneered, spaying/neutering, and microchipping for adoptable shelter animals
  • CCHS was the only shelter, at the time, open seven days a week.
  • We conducted countless yard sales, car washes, bake sales, carnivals, and many other fundraisers.