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Court Ordered Community Service

Please check to make sure we are on your list of approved places for your hours.

Signing up & Need to knows...

     Sign up for court ordered community service is Monday - Friday, 11am - 5 pm. Please bring any time sheets you were given.
  • No revealing clothing
  • No open toed shoes
  • Saturday shift are a full day - 9:30am to 6 pm unless managers prior approval has been acquired.
  • Daily shifts start at 9:30 am SHARP unless work or school  prohibits it. Shift is over at 6 pm. 2 hour shift minimum is required.
  • We are a pet friendly store. If you are allergic to cats or dogs to the point where it could be hazardous to your health this may not be the right place to do community service. 


Daily tasks will include:
  • Cat care
  • Furniture moving
  • Sweeping/Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Sorting items
  • Putting items away
  • Helping customers unload their vehicles.