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Happy Tails!
What our adopters have to say about their CCHS Pets!

Cooper, now Gizmo! December 22nd adoption day from Petsmart Canton

Gizmo Now! September 2018

August 2018

Jet is one lucky kitty. His family contacted us shortly after we posted about how it’s more difficult for black cats and dogs to find their forever family.

They wanted to add another panther to their family! They chose Jet... and Jet is totally smitten with them! He is on his way home tonight and already spoiled... we love happy rescue endings and family beginnings! Happy Gotcha Day to Jet!

Ara on her gotcha day December 23, 2017

August 2018

Our baby Ixchel (the torti) has blessed us in so many ways since we adopted her a month ago. She now has a big brother that takes care of her, even if she doesn't want it.

- Mom to Ixchel

September 2018
This is Moose the day we brought him home from you guys (5 years ago) and now. He loves to sunbathe but is also a pillow hog and never turns down the opportunity to snuggle 

- Mooses Mom
September 2018
Wally was rescued as a bottle baby from Clayton County Animal Control 2 minutes before us leaving the shelter, this boy was brought in as an orphan. It was just meant to be!!! Who knew that teeny tiny fella would turn into a Maine Coon.

-Wally's Mommies
Brenna aka Pumpkin Pie - Gotcha day 11/11/17

Brenna and her brother, Bodhi. Gotcha day vs now - 2018

Buddha's gotcha day was all the way back in 2011!!

February 2018
To Ann Perrett and Staff,
     Thank you all for saving "Beauty", the black Maine Coon we adopted in December at PetSmart in Canton. She warmed up to us sooner than expected and now that she knows she's got it made and is comfortable and very much at home, all her beautiful Maine Coon traits are really coming out. She has the sweetest little voice and expresses herself in little chirps and trills with some good meows as well. That mane makes for an amazing & regal silhouette. She's very playful, gentle and downright goofy at times. She's a joy to have and care for and returns the love and affection like a really happy cat, which she definitely is. Just had to let you know your efforts are all worth while. Here is a  recent picture. We call her "Baby", but her original name "Beauty" truly still applies. Once again, a big thank you! 
Richard and Karen Arthur

October 16,2017
      I wanted to thank CCHS again for allowing us to adopt our sweet little girl, Bianca. We have had her for 17 months now and she has become a wonderful part of our family. Although we still wish she got along with our other cat, we have worked out the issues so that they are both comfortable.  Attached is a picture of her enjoying the nice clean and warm clothes just out of the dryer and one with her laying on the foot of our recliner while I watch TV.
Brenda McBroom

February 8, 2017

Here is J Lo and Brooke Shields in their new home! They are so spoiled already. We love them so much!!! -Their Mom!


January 27,2017

    Gladys is our beautiful, sweet, purrfect, tortie diva cat! How far she has come! Gladys and her siblings were found in an abandoned trailer almost 4 yrs ago!! She was rescued by her amazing foster mom Christine who is with the Cherokee County Humane Society! 

    The moment we met her, we knew she had to be ours! Gladys loves to purr, snuggle all day, and make biscuits!! As the days go by, she has become more and more affectionate! Gladys is a hero cat too! When one of our foster kittens passed away, Gladys adopted the other one as her own! We always say Jack's heart healed from the loss of his bonded sister, only because of Gladys! 

     "Baby G," as we call her, is the perfect cat in every sense of the word! We love her and cannot imagine our lives without her.

                                - Gladys' Mom


November 2016

Dracula AKA Nacho is living the life of a traveling kitty with his new mom. He goes back and forth between Georgia and Washington DC without any problems and loves his new doggy brother Sobe!

December 27,2016

My baby girl popped up on my memories today. Two years ago today we adopted our sweet happy girl Molly (Taylor Swift). Thank you cherokee county humane for our little girl. She is our everything and brings joy to our lives everyday. 

                         - Molly's Mom

Rory (a.k.a. Satchel pre-adoption) in May 2015 and September 2016. She is amazing and we can't imagine our lives without her.
        - Rorys Mommy

December 28,2016

Hi there!

We adopted Peaches in June 2015 at PetSmart Woodstock. She is about 1 year and 8 months now. I am attaching a picture of her the day she got adopted and then some more recent photos. She is happy and very loved! :)

Thank you Cherokee Humane Society for everything you do!

Jessica & Nick

December 25, 2016 

        I adopted Meeko from you guys about 3 years ago I believe! I kept his name because I love Disney movies as well as the lady who was in charge of adoptions! He's happy and healthy, goes to the dog park at least once a week and loves playing with other pups. Thanks for allowing me to adopt him he has changed my life for the better! 
                                                                                  - Meeko's Mom 


November 1,2016

Dear Staff:

       We had a wonderful experience with adopting our little man Duke. Everything you do for these animals is such a gift to them and to those of us lucky enough to adopt them. Duke has blossomed as a member of our family. He's almost 6 months old and can fetch, sit stay, shake hands and "talk" to us! Thank you all so much for giving him such a great start to life with his neutering, micro- chipping, vaccines AND loving him.

We are so proud to call him ours!

Much Love,
     Duke's Family

October 24, 2016

      Hi remember Buddy? He is the most amazing, loveable kitty and so smart. Thank you for your love and concern for our fur babies.

      -Buddies Humans