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Cherokee Humane Society


Have a tale to tell about a CCHS cat or dog that you would like to share? Email your story and pictures to [email protected] .

The little, tan puppy you see pictured, is one of eight puppies rescued and fostered by CCHS back in October. The foster home did not realize one of the puppies was born blind. It was first noticed, when his siblings were not with him, he would run into things. Naturally, he was taken to the vet, who told us he was a perfectly healthy puppy, but was blind, and because of his blindness, his sense of hearing and smell would likely be heightened.

As you can see in the picture, he was adopted and is greatly loved. He has his own seeing eye dog (the black dog), who wears a bell, so the little blind puppy always knows where his buddy is. He has his own fenced in yard, comfy bed and, most importantly, a family who loves him dearly and thinks he is very special. This is the miracle we hope and desire for every little kitty, cat, puppy and dog we rescue.